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Keep your little one’s ears clean and safe. Our baby ear cleaning string helps clear mucus from their ear. The ear cleaning syringe gently sections out the liquid without causing harm to the inner ear. It features a soft vinyl bulb for gentle treatment. The ear wax syringe has a small tip to fit inside little ears without being overly intrusive.

Gently sucks out mucus and liquids. Our baby ear syringe offers a gentle device to keep your little one’s ear safe and clean. The soft vinyl bulb allows you to slowly suck out mucus without going too fast or being aggressive.
Features a small tip for tiny ears. The baby ear bulb syringe has a small tip to fit in their ear without hurting them. Its small size is not overly intrusive and won’t damage ears.
Can be used to administer ear medication. Ear medication can be difficult to give without the proper tools. Our baby ear cleaning syringe can be used to provide liquid ear medicine for ear infections.


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