Blood Pressure Monitor : Automatic- Wrist with Intelligent Inflation : SmartHeart


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OUTSTANDING FEATURES AND FUNCTIONS—Fully automatic inflation and deflation with one-button start make this monitor easy to use. Generous 4-person memory banks store up to 99 measurements each, last three reading average and date/time stamp make recall and tracking your results easy.
HELPFUL AUDIO PROMPTS—Use-friendly audio technology offers clear, easy to understand simple-step instructions, guiding you through the measurement process from cuff application to reading results announcement. Three languages – English, Spanish or French – settings, volume control and user ability to turn announcements off give you control of your measurement experience.
INTERPRETTING YOUR RESULTS—Visual cues, including a Hypertension Indicator and Irregular Heartbeat Icon help let you know instantly where your results stand. The Hypertension Indicator assesses if your reading falls within the globally accepted World Health Organization standards. The Irregular Heartbeat detector lets you know at a glance if an irregular heartbeat was detected during measurements.
COMPLETE HOME MONITORING—Taking your blood pressure reading at home has never been easier or more reliable. Home monitoring can help identify changes in your blood pressure and provide insight to your overall health picture. This device includes everything you need to get started: monitor and wide-range arm cuff, storage case, batteries, detailed English / Spanish instructions, quick start guide, FAQ, results charting log..
Fully automatic operation
Clinically accurate readings
Displays systolic, diastolic and pulse readings simultaneously with date and time stamp


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